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STEM Children observe and explore the natural environment, developing curiosity and a sense of wonder.
Group Activities Children learn to take turns, listen, and share ideas in a group setting, fostering social skills and cooperation.
Kayo Sports Outdoor games, sports, and movement activities help children develop balance, coordination, and overall physical fitness.
Filmy Focus Filmy Focus seamlessly integrates educational concepts with visuals, making learning exciting and relatable for children.
Arty Crafty Children express their creativity through different art mediums, exploring colors, shapes, and textures.
Logical thinking We believe that fostering the integration of logical thinking (left brain) and creative expression (right brain) leads to well-rounded and holistic development in children.
Artificial Intelligence Through interactive educational tools and resources, children get a glimpse into the AI, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for the digital age
Cross-cultural programs We provide a platform for children to develop essential social skills, such as effective communication, empathy, collaboration, and global awareness.